Full Guide: How to Start Data Reselling Business in Nigeria

Data bundle reselling business is a business of all time and it’s not seasonal, as the use of the internet cannot be neglected so will the using of Data. Data Reselling business simply means the buying of internet data bundles in bulk or huge amount from a particular network carrier and selling in slits, that is, smaller units to end users.

The buying and selling of Internet Data is lucrative as people can’t do without internet on daily basis, and they need to stay subscribed to it by paying certain amounts and not everybody is ready to pay high amounts for Data. When you buy Data from Resellers it is much cheaper than what the networks sell to you.

A data reseller sells data bundle at a cheaper price compared to the price network providers sell. So, when you know how to capture your customers, you will always make the best of profits on monthly basis.

I don’t really have much to say on this topic because it is very simple and easy. All you have to do is just to follow the guide in this article on How to start data bundle reselling business in Nigeria.


Now that you have known the direct prices, it is left to you to set your profit margin. But, I advise setting based on the market price from other data resellers. N50 profit on each sale is not bad.

What Is Data Bundle Reselling?

Data bundle reselling means the buying of data bundle in large quantity from network providers and reselling in smaller units (small quantities) to end users.

Who Is A Data Bundle Reseller?

A data reseller is someone who Buys and Sells a data bundle reselling. A Reseller buys data bundles in bulk and resells at his price which will vary based on data bundle sizes. He/She doesn’t need to buy at once because this is not SME. (continue reading…).

Why Should I Start A Data Bundle Reselling Business in 2019?

If you are looking to make money online and offline, this is a great opportunity for you. As people cannot do without buying Data every day, you can get a share of your profit from these daily data bundle users.

You can make over N25000 in profits every month. You buy at cheaper prices and resell at your price. Meaning, you are in charge of your profits.

What Are The Benefits of Being A Data Reseller?

  • You earn money per sale (as low as N50). For instance, you buy MTN 1GB at the rate of N470, you can resell at N550 or N600. That gives you a profit of N80 or N130 respectively.
  • You are building your brand for yourself.
  • You are making an online presence.
  • You gain peoples trust and this leads to more sales.

What Are The Networks That I Can Resell Their Data?

The four major networks in Nigeria, that is MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel.

How Is The Company Like?

Registering with the company is free of Charge (FOC) with no hidden charges. But, a onetime fee of N100 will be deducted from your first deposit into your account (that is your online Wallet). It is from this your deposited money that all your transactions will be deducted from.

How Do I Fund My Account?

There are various options available for funding your account;

  1. Card payments (Credit Cards or Debit Cards).
  2. Bank deposits or transfers.
  3. Airtime deposits (charges 15% on MTN and 20% on 9Mobile).

Whichever method you prefer you choose, your account gets credited instantly except for bank transfers into their corporate name account (which takes up to 20 minutes). More info can be seen on the website page.

When Can I Buy Data?

Anytime you so wish. The service is 24/7.

How Fast Is The Data Delivery?

This depends on the network’s strength but I tell you, it has always been instant. There is a column on the dashboard page where you see the signal strengths of networks before you make a purchase. When the signal is poor, the delivery gets slow. But, when excellent, it’s fast.

Hope This Is Not A Scam?

No and never, VERY LEGIT.

How Much Can I Start This Data Reselling Business with?

You can start with as low as N1000, depending on the data cap price you are purchasing. But I do recommend you to start with N5000 or higher. This will save you from bank-charges and also make you monitor your profits well.

How Much Can I Earn From This Business?

This completely depends on your marketing skills. You have to promote or advertise to people that you sell cheap browsing data. The more clients you get, the more money you make.

For example, if you make 10 sales daily and gets a profit of N50 to N100 on each, you earn N500 to N1000 daily and that’s N15000 to N30000 monthly.

How Is My Profits Paid?

All your profits are in your bank account. Whenever you get a customer, they pay your charged price into your bank account or give you cash. You then buy from your balance on the website at normal rate.

That is, if you charged N600 for MTN 1GB and the buyer pays into your account, you then pay N470 for the 1GB on the company’s website from your available balance. So, you have a profit of N130 in your bank account.

How Do I Make More Sales?

Like I mentioned earlier, this depends on your marketing skills. You can make more sales by posting on social media, sending an email to your friends and advertising on forums and blogs. You can make handbills and wall posters to paste around.

What Other Benefits Do I Get From This Data Reselling Business?

  • You can become a verified Bitcoin Seller. (you can start this with zero investments, guide in the purchased version of this eBook).
  • Be a verified buyer of gift cards eg. iTunes, Amazon and so on.
  • You can pay bills for clients e.g. GoTv, DSTV, StarTimes and so on.
  • Recharge airtime for your customers at a discounted price.
  • Ability to convert airtime to cash.

How Do I Become A Data Reseller?

Sorry, this part is in the purchased version of this eBook.

Make sure to input your valid phone number and details during registration. Your account will be activated instantly for business if you fund your account.

The Benefits of Getting The Ebook.

There are lots of benefits when you get the purchased version of this eBook, they are listed below but not limited to:

  • Access to the registration link.
  • Lifetime support from me if any problem is encountered.
  • You learn to become Bitcoin seller and buyer with zero investment and make your money.
  • Guide on how to promote your data reselling business and make more money.
  • Learn how you can make money from paying bills for people. eg, DSTV, GoTV subscriptions.
  • You learn how to become a verified gift cards buyer and make your profits.
  • *NEW* You will be added to our whatsapp group of other data resellers where you gain more knowledge and discuss with others.
  • You can exchange airtime for cash.

How Do I Get The Purchased Version of This EBook?

This eBook’s price is worth more than N10,000 but I want everyone to have access to it, I won’t be giving it out free either. So, I have brought down the price for now which is a very limited offer.

80% off the price from February to March only.

The Ebook goes only N2000. The registration procedure and the name of the company are enlisted in the purchased version and note that after paying for the ebook, there no more payments to make. Only Making Money.

Kindly note that this offer can be closed at anytime, so hurry and get your copy now before it returns back to the normal price.

To purchase this Ebook;

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After making payment, kindly send a text message notifying me of your payment to This number 07060943705.

This is the format of the SMS

Payment for Data Business
Your Name, Amount Paid, Bank Paid to and Date of Payment

Feel Free to Chat/Call/WhatsApp Me on 07060943705

It’s now left for you to make a decision today, get this guide at a discounted price before its price increases.

Remember, success does not come if a step is not taken. See you on the other side when you get the Ebook

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