How to Become A QuickTeller PayPoint Agent

Being a Quickteller PayPoint Agent is one of the coolest way to make money NOW in Nigeria. Quickteller is an initiative of interswitch established to encourage mobile banking. As cool as this business is; the bad news is that the business does not fits everybody. Yes, you heard me right; it is not a business for everyone! I will explain in a minute! However, because of the valuable information about this business I enjoin you to please read to the end with rapt attention MISSING out no details.

What Is Quickteller PayPoint?

Quickteller Paypoint is the trade name for IFIS (Interswitch Financial Inclusion Services) Agent locations. It’s a one-stop shop where all the products/services provided by IFIS Ltd can be accessed and purchased. IFIS stands for Interswitch Financial Inclusion Services Ltd. They are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide digital financial services aimed at bringing basic financial services to the door-step of the unbanked/ under-served Nigerians, currently estimated at more than fifty million (50m) adults.

Who Is a Quickteller Agent?

An agent is an individual or organisation that operates as the middle man between two or more persons or organisations. In the this case; the agent operates between Customer and Quickteller.

What Are The Transactions That Can Be Carried Out At a Quickteller PayPoint?

The following services are available at any Quickteller Paypoint:

  • Airtime recharge (all networks)
  • Bills payment/settlement (electricity bill, water bill, Waste bill, DStv, GOtv, Startimes, actv, Local and State government levies/taxes, estate permits, etc.)
  • Funds transfer (sending money to, and receiving money from, any person nationwide)
  • Account opening with any bank
  • Payments – for insurance premiums, airline tickets, embassies, etc.
  • Deposit of funds (cash-in) into own or a third party account
  • Withdrawal of funds (cash-out) from own account

Who Are Your Customers?

I hope you remembered I said not everybody is fit for this business earlier. Why? because everybody cannot be your customer! Let face it; why do a business when you have no customer? No sense, right?

So, who are your customers? Your customers are people who are not TECH FREAK or who are not TECH INCLINED or WHO ARE NOT IN THE CITIES! Make sure you have customers before doing a business – this is very important. See how Quickteller puts it: “However, Quickteller Paypoint is primarily targeted at the under-served and financially-excluded.” – SHIKENAN!!!!

If you are in Maitama or Asokoro and people around you are TECH guys who know how to use the internet and all that; you are not in business, because these guys will be able to do all the services of a quickteller paypoint agent themselves. Just find a location where you will be another Bill Gate; you know what I mean now?

Benefits of Becoming a Quickteller PayPoint Agent?

  • Additional revenue from commissions and incentives
  • Increased sales from additional foot-traffic
  • Differentiation from other businesses – being a Quickteller Paypoint Agent differentiates a business from others in its category/industry
  • Reputation earned from the Interswitch pedigree
  • Social relevance to the neighbourhood/ community where Agent operates
  • How To Become a Quickteller PayPoint Agent

    Becoming an agent is easy with Quickteller if you are traceable and have no PayPoint agent close to your location already. This Quickteller is doing to make sure there is business for every agent.

    Step 1: Go to—form and fill the form appropriately.

Step 2: Quickteller will send someone to your location to verify your office and give you a form to fill with your passport photograph attached (just wait for them – it usually takes 2-3 weeks anyway before they show up).

Step 3: You will be required to make a payment of ten thousand Naira  (10,000) to Account they will provide to you

Note: when filling your teller at the Bank please use a preferred business name; registered or not registered. Also note that the 10,000 is your business FUND which you can you to start transactions and not for Quickteller. This means that you are not doing any financial commitment whatsoever. Another reason why I love this business – no risk!

Step 4: You will receive you PIN within 24 hours of payment (Wait for them to send you your PIN)

Step 5: Business begins immediately

Step 6: BSP (Business Support Personnel) will visit you to give you branding materials and help you in placing your banner outside your office.

BOOM!!! You have started earning daily from the comfort of your space and at your pace

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